Our story began in 1954 in East Ketanggungan, Central Java in Oey Sioe Tjoen’s humble residence. With traditional furnace, he created his own blend of jasmine tea. He dried and hand-selected the tea leaves and jasmine flowers, and then carefully hand-packed them in paper under his brand names Angon, Walang, and Sepatu Terbang.

In 1980, the business was passed to Oey Tjie Tat, the 9th son. Determined to succeed and advance the company, he self-taught himself further in the art of tea using the same traditional furnace, and travelled around Central to East Java in an old pick-up truck to sell his products. Over the years, the company began to thrive and he created more blends of jasmine tea under various brands including: Medali, Serimpi, Joglo, and Kepyur, each with its own unique taste and notes based on the distinct taste preference for tea in different regions in Java.

Teh Jawa was finally created in 1986, after experimenting with various quality of leaves, blending and processing techniques to capture the rich authentic taste of Javanese tea with strong flavor and body, astringent, and fragrant aroma. Today, the company has since developed many variations of Teh Jawa blends, both traditional and modern products such as tea bags and enveloped tea bags, and ready-to-drink tea.

Our family’s commitment to quality has become the company’s vision and mission: to utilise selected ingredients to keep producing not only the best quality, but to bring out the authentic taste of tea that is enjoyable for tea drinkers and non-drinkers alike. The same philosophy is the basis of our tagline: Nikmatnya Kesegaran Teh Asli, meaning to enjoy the delightful freshness of tasting the authentic tea, reflecting our commitment and passion in the art of tea.